At your place or ours.

Louisiana notaries are sworn public officials appointed by the governor with consent of the senate and are given broad and far-reaching powers to draft and execute many different types of instruments having legal effect. Louisiana notaries may make inventories, appraisements, partitions, wills, protests, matrimonial contracts, conveyances, and, generally, all contracts and instruments in writing including authentic acts, and acknowledgements of acts under private signature.  They may even officiate at family and creditor's meetings.

Nawlins Notary LLC will prepare your document, notarize it at your place or ours, scan, copy, fax, ship, record your paperwork, and/or complete the process with the recipient's office.

  • Document Dictionary - view a defined list of written instruments required to interface with government and private matters, some linked to respective forms.
  • Price List - determine your costs for our service.
  • Party Requirements - learn your legal responsibilities as a party in a notarized written instrument.
  • Caveat Notarius - learn what could happen to your parties or process if you do not follow the statutory process.
  • New Business Start-up - learn about our turn-key solution to establishing you as an entrepreneur.