Price List


P1. First Notary imprimatur $10
P2. Each add’l Notary imprimatur $5
P3. Appearer, witness $5 ea
P4. Oath $5
P5. Form provided by Notary $4
P6. PDF form, Notary filled $1/field
P7. Confect & print Word document $20/pg
P8. Certified copy $10
P9. Original storage $5
P10. Research $12.50/5 min


T1. Travel rate $5.00 min + $2.00/mile
E1. Use Nawlin’s credit card $10
E2. Recordation $75 per + expenses
E3. Black & White copies $1/5 pgs
E4. Colored copies $1/2 pgs
E5. Scan $2/10 pgs
E6. Fax $3
E6. Arrange delivery $5


S1. Auto Title Transfer/BOS $35
S2. Witness Acknowledgement $25
S3. Gun Permit $30
S4. Real Property Cash Sale $175
S5. CPNC transfer/renewal ready packet $50
S6. CPNC transfer/renewal app $35


F1. Provisional Custody by Mandate $45
F2. Acknowledgement of Paternity $40
F3. Living Will $35
F4. General Mandate $65
F5. Medical Mandate $55
F6. Simple Will $125
F7. Small Succession $175


B1. Promissory Note $35
B2. Sole member LLC setup $75
B3. Corporate Resolution $20/pg
B4. Certificate of Authority $20/pg
B5. Specific Power of Attorney $20/pg
B6. Meeting Minute Notes $12.50/5 min
B7. Meeting Minute Management TBQ